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Al-Qahtani Pipe Coating developed the capability to coat the internal girth weld area of the coated pipe from 8 and up to 60 diameter. Capabilities can be developed for larger diameters if so required by clients. The service co tributes to providing an end-to-end

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Radiation Cross Linked Heat Shrinkable Wraparound Sleeve for Oil& Gas Pipes Product profile HSWS, Two-piece, with separate closures designed for the corrosion protection. HSWS is superior performance heat shrinkable products designed for corrosion protection on field applied girth-weld joints of buried and exposed steel pipelines operating up to China Oil Gas 3PE Pipeline Girth Welding Coating Heat 3PE Heat Shrinkable Wrap Sleeve - China Heat Shrinkable China Oil Gas 3PE Pipeline Girth Welding Coating Heat . 4.Just-in-time customized lengths allow bulk rolls to be field cut to protect any pipe size. 5.Easy to operate and preheating temperature low(50 ºC) 6.Open sleeve configuration allows the product to be applied after the pipeline has been welded and cleaned.

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They are widely used in joint corrosion prevention, leakage prevention, protection of petroleum, natrual gas and heat insulation pipelines, etc. They are predominant in high mechnical strength, strong anti-aging capability, good sealing property, corrosion resistance, convenient construction, etc. Application:1. For girth welding of pipeline 2. Composite Contends with Arctic Conditions in Underwater A diver applied SnapWrap to address corrosion on multiple girth weld joints on a 10-inch (254- mm) underwater gas pipeline. The water temperature at the work site was 43°F (6°C) The diver installed the SnapWrap composite sleeves, working with zero visibility. A new tool was designed to allow the diver to install long sleeves without assistance.

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The proper application of fusion bond epoxy powder and liquid coatings in the field on a pipeline construction project, either on girth welds or various required repairs, is an essential element to the and gas gathering, distribution and transmission industries. coating cutbacks are assembled, by welding, in the field Girth Weld - an overview ScienceDirect TopicsGirth welds were prepared from a single length of 1067 mm O.D., 12 mm W.T., Gr. 483 pipe to CSA Standard Z245.2. Laboratory-scale test coupons were prepared from a single plate of 12 mm thick Gr. 483 MPa pipe material. The chemical compositions are given in Table 1. Table 1. Chemical Compositions of Pipe and Plate. C.

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Pipe coatings and epoxy may produce harmful fumes during the welding process. Product MSDS shall be referred during welding process. If preheating is required, the heating can be done from pipe external after applying epoxy mastic however shall not exceed 120. Insert SleeveInternally Coated Pipe SleeveI.D. Grit Insert Pipe Sleeve Pipe Sleeve for Internally Coated Pipelines Pipline Products Inc. Fabricate and Supply Insert Pipe Sleeve Fittings for Field Joint Connection. Our Insert Sleeve sole purpose is to give Pipe I.D. Girth Weld Protection, it Protects the Pipe Internal Diameter Coating from Damaging Weld Spatter During Installation without disturbing the Flow inside the Pipeline.


Polyken wrapping tape is a cold applied tape designed for anti-corrosion protection of gas,oil,water, industrial burried &exposed steel pipelines . Xunda Pipe Coating Materials CO. is the most largest manufacturer of Polyethylene Tape for the Corrosion Control of pipelines and specialty applications Quanlity c omparable to polyken tape coating systemis Pipeline Coating Factory, Custom Pipeline Coating High Standard Thickness 2.5mm Heat Shrinkable Coatings for Gas Pipeline Protection. Unit Price:US $ 5-500 / Piece. Min. Order:100 Pieces. Add to Inquiry Basket. Hot Melt Style Heat Shrink Coatings for Water Gas Oil Pipeline Anticorrosion. Hot Melt Style Heat Shrink Coatings for Water Gas Oil Pipeline

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Internal Pipe Coatings have been designed to protect the internal surfaces of (steel) pipe against corrosion as well as provide flow enhancement. Internal diameter (ID) coatings are used to improve the flow of gas through the pipeline by creating a smooth defect free surface greatly increasing the flow of gas through the pipeline. Single Sided Adhesive Pipeline Anti Corrosion Tape 450mm Width Thick Pipe Wrap Tape , Steel Pipe Protection Tape 25 Mils. Butyl Rubber Tape. Waterproof Double Sided Butyl Rubber Tape Black Or Gray Color Adhesive Available. Steel Pipeline Butyl Rubber Tape Mastic Putty Filler Material For Pipe Welding And Joints. 3 Ply Inner Butyl Rubber Tape With Double Sided Adhesive For Steel Pipe. Request A

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2.1 Tapecoat H35 or H50 A 35 or 50 mil tape with integrated primer for coating small to moderate diameter pipe, pipe joints, and repair of factory coating. For use above or below grade. 2.2 Tapecoat M50 or M65 - A 50 or 65 mil mesh backed tape with integrated primer for coating small to large diameter pipe, pipe joints, and repair of Thanki-Corrosion at Pipe Supports- Causes and Solutionsduring the pipe manufacturing process. Girth weld corrosion Corrosion at or adjacent to the girth weld bead, oft d t bl ith th fi ld tiften due to problems with the field coating over the girth weld. Girth weld lack of penetrationGirth weld lack of penetration Inadequate energy input at the girth weld, resultinggp in an incomplete weld.


Company History. Known as a leader in the industry, the Kingdom has witnessed major developments in the pipeline industry. To meet the demands of the harsh environment and for protection of cross-country and sub-sea oil, water and gas pipelines against corrosion the Al-Qahtani Pipe Coating Terminal was established in 1945. What are Tape Coatings? - Definition from CorrosionpediaAug 31, 2017 · They are applied along the length of the pipes. They are mostly used in the pipeline (gas, oil, water and solvent waste) and marine industries to provide a protective shielding against cathodic corrosion and waterproofing on girth weld joints and fittings depending on the surrounding environmental conditions and climate.

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Aug 16, 2015 · Girth welds are the different types of arc welding processes applied in the joining of two pipes along the circumference during a phase construction of a pipeline depending on the ease of implementation and the environmental factor. They are used in making circumferential welds in pipeline and underground systems. girth welding - English definition, grammar, pronunciation The apparatus is particularly suited to coating girth welds of a pipeline. patents-wipo The heat recoverable polymer material can include a surface having an adhesive coated thereon disposed on the girth


PURPOSE OF GIRTH WELDS Girth welds allow the connection of standard 40 or 80 long sections of coated pipe into longer lengths required to build a pipeline. Longer sections create transportation problems. Each 100 miles of pipeline can contain up to 13,200 girth welds.

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