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MULTIMET ® ALLOY DISTRIBUTOR IN THE USA A METAL SOURCE, LLC is a distributor of various MULTIMET ® Alloy in any size or form per specifications as noted below. MULTIMET ® Alloy is commonly used in high stress applications with temperatures up to

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Multimet N155 is a Nickel-Chromium-Cobalt alloy with additions of Molybdenum and Tungsten used typically in parts requiring high strength up to 1350°F and oxidation resistance up to 1800°F. Its high-temperature properties are inherent in the as-supplied condition (solution treated at 2150°F) and are not dependent on age-hardening. Buy sheet, wire, circle Multimet N155:price from a Multimet N155 ® UNS R30155. Refers to a number of oxidation-resistant refractory alloys. Popular in aircraft construction for parts of gas turbine engines. Semi-finished products are produced by hot and cold stamping, welded by standard methods.

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Cobalt N-155 AMS 5768 Bar Supplier - No Minimum footage is required to place an order and we ship from 3 locations spread out through the country NY, Georgia, and CA. Common Alloys Remelt Sources, IncMaterial can be made to your specifications or any of the published industrial specs. We stock some of our customers most frequently required alloys at our Darlington, South Carolina facility for fast delivery. Call 1-800-877-8415 or +1 270-684-6067 today for a quote. Alloys Commonly Produced · Capability Data · Billet and Bar Stock List.

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Alloy 201 Nickel 201:UNS N02201:BS 3074 BS 3075 BS 3076 NA11:ASTM B162 ASTM B163 ASTM B725 AMS 5758 VIM VAR Bar Multimet N155:Multimet:UNS R30155 Nickel and High Temperature Alloys Cobalt-Based Super Alloys Low Expansion Nickel-Iron Alloys Special Steels Other Inconel 625 Rods/Bars/Wires/Round Bars India 0 id:31561Aug 14, 2009 · Sanicro 28 UNS N08028 SANICRO 28 Din 1. 4563 Sanicro- 28, Alloy 20 UNS N08020 Din 2. 4660 CARPENTER 20?, 20Cb- 3?, Duplex 2205 UNS S31803 ASTM A182 F- 51 318LN DIN 1. 4462 SAF2205 SA182 F51, Duplex SAF2205 SANMAC UNS S32205 URANUS? 45N PREN = 33 or 34 A182 F51 (329LN) / F60, Duplex 2205, Duplex SAF2205, Duplex SAF 2205, UNS S31803/ S32205,

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Mar 08, 2010 · UNS S21800, Nimonic 75 UNS N06075, Nimonic 80A UNS N07080, Nimonic 90 UNS N07090, Nimonic 263 UNS N07263, Incoloy DS, Hastelloy C4 UNS N06455, Nitralloy 135 MOD, Nitralloy 135MOD, Nitralloy 135 Modified, Alloy 135 MOD, Nitriding Alloy 135 MOD, Alloy 135 MODIFIED, Heat Resistant in grades SUS310, 310S, 310H, SUS309, SUS309S, Stainless Steel Inconel Alloy 601 Bars Inconel 601 Bars - India - Trading Multimet N155® - UNS R30155 Haynes 25 UNS R30605 Alloy L605 Haynes 188 - UNS R30188 Haynes® 188, Udimet® 188 Conicro® 4023 Waspalloy UNS N07001 Waspalloy®, Al ac® Waspalloy® MP35N® UNS R30035 MP159® UNS R30159 Cobalt Alloy 6B UNS R30006 Stellite 6B® Alloy 36 UNS K93600 Invar 36®, Nilo 36®, Pernifer® 36 Invar 42 / Nilo 42

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Alloy 601 Tubes Inconel Alloy 601 Tubes Inconel 601 Tubes United States, Inconel Alloy 601 Tubes Inconel 601 Tubes We are Stockholder & Distributors of Inconel Alloy 600, Inconel Alloy 601, Inconel MULTIMET- RTW- Filler MetalProduct Description:MULTIMET ® RTW filler metal is used for the gas tungsten arc and gas metal arc welding of MULTIMET ® alloy. The deposited weld metal has excellent strength at temperatures up to 1500°F and moderate strength up to 2000°F. The weld metal also

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Multimet N155 (UNS R30155) Bar is a nickel-based alloy used predominantly in applications requiring strength, high temperature, and oxidation resistance. Multimet N155 Bar can be treated to exponentially improve its temperature resistance and make it the perfect metal for tail pipes and cones, nozzles, and both turbine and afterburner components. News,C276 steel plate,hastelloy-c276 alloy,Nickel alloys Incoloy825 Nickel base alloy; UNS R30155 Nickel base alloy steel; Nickel 201 alloy; W.Nr.2.4602; 2507 duplex stainless steel; X5 NiCrAlTi 31-20; GH3030; NC15FeTNbA Wrought nickel-base superalloy; Nickel W.Nr. 2.4066 alloy; S31703 Molybdenum austenitic stainless steel; Ni-Mo alloy HastelloyC-4; Nickel-based alloy steel N08031; GH3600 nickel-base

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37 rows · Alloy 200:Nickel 200:UNS N02200:BS 3072 BS 3073 BS 3074 BS 3075 BS 3076 NA12: Nickel ALloy Forged Parts, Forging Flanges,Forged bars Professional nickel alloy Forging Part,nickel alloy Forging Ring,nickel alloy Forged Flange,nickel alloy Forged Bar,nickel alloy Seamless rolled ring,nickel alloy Forged Parts,nickel alloy Forged rings,nickel alloy Forging flanges,nickel alloy Forging round bars,Rolled rings,Forged shafts, forging shaft, forged gear, forging gears,nickel alloy open die forgings,forging nickel alloy , forged

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Multimet N155® (UNS R30155) Multimet N155® alloy is a solid-solution-strengthened superalloy with excellent high temperature strength and good oxidation resistance. Multimet N155® has been used in aircraft and land-based turbine engine applications. Polished Super Alloys Round Bar, For Construction, Rs 160 Multimet n155 - uns r30155 Haynes 25 uns r30605 alloy l605 Haynes 188 - uns r30188 udimet 188 conicro 4023 Waspalloy uns n07001 allvac waspalloy Mp35n uns r30035 Mp159 uns r30159 Cobalt alloy 6b uns r30006 stellite 6b Alloy 36 uns k93600 invar 36, nilo 36, pernifer 36 Invar 42 nilo 42 uns k94200 invar 42, nilo 42 Kovar uns k94610


Nickel 200 UNS N02200, Nickel 200, Nickel 99. 2, Nickel 201 UNS N02201, Nickel 201, LC Nickel 99. 2, ALLOY 400 UNS N04400, Monel 400, Nickelvac 400, Nicorros 400, Monel R405 UNS N04405, Monel K500 UNS N05500, ALLOY 600 UNS N06600 Allvac Rene 41, Haynes R-41, Udimet R41, Multimet N155-UNS R30155, Haynes 25 UNS R30605 Alloy L605, Haynes 188 SAINTLY SAMultimet N155® - UNS R30155. Haynes-25 UNS R30605 Alloy L605. Haynes-188 - UNS R30188 Haynes® 188, Udimet® 188 Conicro® 4023. Waspalloy UNS N07001 Waspalloy®, Al ac® Waspalloy® MP35N® UNS R30035. MP159® UNS R30159. Cobalt Alloy 6B UNS R30006 Stellite 6B® Alloy-36 UNS K93600 Invar-36®, Nilo 36®, Pernifer® 36. Invar-42

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Super Alloys N 155 is a high-strength, high-temperature resistant and corrosion resistant nickel-chromium alloy. It is suitable for use at cryogenic temperatures and also for use in air up to 1300 F. The alloy is readily worked and can be age-hardened. Welcome to Solitaire ImpexUNS. Trade names. Werkstoff No. Wire:Bar:Sheet:Plate:Tube:Pipe:Fittings:Flanges:Forgings:Welding Rod:N02200:Nickel 200

Carbon-Free Multimet® N155 Multimet® N155 Nickel Alloy

  • Multimet® N155 FeaturesMultimet® N155 ApplicationsMultimet® N155 Available FormatsMagellan Metals Multimet® N155 nickel alloy is a nickel/chromium/cobalt based alloy that is essentially carbon-free. Other features, include:1. Meets AMS 5532 specifications 2. Meets AMS 5768 specifications 3. Good ductility 4. Excellent oxidation resistance 5. Readily Fabricated & Machined 6. Good high temperature qualities 7. Maintains high strength & toughness 8. Can be forged or machinedAlloy N155/Multimet N155, Multimet N155, UNS R30155, Shanghai Hite Special Alloy Co., Ltd is specialized at supplying Alloy N155/Multimet N155, nickel alloy, Co-based alloy and stainless steel material.

We are the professional supplier who can meets all kinds of steel and fabrication requirements. If your required steel parts need cutting, welding, drilling, rolling, bending, forming, grinding, stamping and so on machining, we are ready to serve you.


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